Pak Cabinet approves signing of security pact with US

The Pakistan federal cabinet has approved a critical security pact with US (united States), paving way to procurement of military hardware from the latter.

As per the reports circulating, the cabinet approved the signing of the Communication Interoperability and Security Memorandum of Agreement (CIS-MOA) between the two countries through a circulation summary.

However, Pakistan and the US are yet to make official statements on the development.

Basically, CIS-MOA is a foundational agreement that the US signs with its allies and countries with which it wants to maintain close military and defence ties.

Further, this security pact with US also provides legal cover to the US Department of Defence for ensuring the sale of military equipment and hardware to other countries.

Under the CIS-MOA, Washington also get a legal cover for US Department of Defence for sale of military equipment and hardware to other countries.

The signing of the CIS-MOA establishes that both sides are keen on maintaining an institutional mechanism. Also, it indicates that the US might sell some military hardware to Pakistan in coming years

Noteworthy, Pakistan has previously been in this agreement during October 2005 for at least 15 years.

The 2005 agreement was signed between Joint Staff Headquarters of Pakistan and the Department of Defence, which expired in 2020.

Under the latest agreement of 2023, both sides have agreed to hold joint exercises, operations, training, basing and equipment.

Reportedly this agreement signed will be valid for the next 15 years.