Indian Army plans to procure 28 Sarvatra Bridge Simulators

The Indian Army is planning to procure about 28 Sarvatra Bridge Simulators, and has come out with a Request for Information (RFI) for the same.

The Sarvatra Bridging System was a replacement of AM-50 bridge system held with Corps of Engineers.

The indigenously designed Savratra Bridge system consists of bridge superstructure, trestles and accessories.

Further, it is carried on a specialized version of Tatra T-815 8X8 vehicles, the chassis of which is suitably modified and strengthened for the purpose.

Also, it can be launched in a single span mode or multiple span.

It is a very expensive, versatile and complex system requiring extensive hands on training and experience to fully exploit its potential and capabilities.

The simulator is to be developed with the intended usage of imparting realistic training to the crew of the bridge system to enable them to hone their skills for optimum utilization of the equipment.

This would ensure adequate exposure to the nuances of the launching/ de-launching and fault rectification of the system and further conserve the life of operational equipment,

Ultimately, the simulator is intended for the purpose of training of raw/trainer drivers/commanders in familiarizing with controls of the Sarvatra Bridge system.

To be noted, a vendor interaction is purposed for 22 August 2022; while the last date for responding is 19 October 2023.

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