Teal Drones receives $2.6 Mn order to supply Teal 2 sUAS to US

Red Cat Holdings, Inc., a drone technology company integrating robotic hardware and software for military, government and commercial operations, today announces that subsidiary Teal Drones has received a $2.6 million purchase order to supply its Teal 2 sUAS to the U.S. Defense Logistics Agency (DLA).

Teal Drones will deliver 172 units of the Teal 2 plus spare parts and training.

This order was requested by U.S. Air Force Security Forces, whose role is to defend Air Force bases and installations.

The procurement was sourced by global operations support company Noble Supply & Logistics, LLC (NOBLE) as part of the DLA’s Special Operational Equipment Tailored Logistics Support (SOE TLS) Program.

NOBLE is a DLA-designated provider for the SOE TLS Program.

This 10-year program, capped at $33 billion, covers the delivery of logistics support to federal agencies, military bases and other DLA customers worldwide, helping them meet their SOE requirements.

Approved by the U.S. Department of Defense as Blue UAS and available to purchase through the federal government’s GSA Advantage website, the Teal 2 is designed to Dominate the Night™ as the world’s leading sUAS for night operations.

Further, the Teal 2 is the first sUAS to be equipped with Teledyne FLIR’s new Hadron 640R sensor, providing end users with the highest resolution thermal imaging in a small form factor.

Besides the sUAS also features the latest intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance technology, delivering time-critical information and enabling operators to make faster, smarter decisions.

The system offers multi-vehicle control and artificial intelligence capabilities.

Officially launched in April, early-adopter customers for the Teal 2 have included U.S. Customs and Border Protection, which has taken delivery of 54 systems, and the North Carolina Division of Emergency Management, which has purchased 10 systems for Civil Air Patrol’s North Carolina Wing.

Source: https://tealdrones.com/press_releases/red-cat-subsidiary-teal-drones-receives-2-6m-purchase-order-to-supply-teal-2-suas-to-us-defense-logistics-agency/