Fatal casualties of Indian soldiers during the last 3 years

The details of fatal casualties in respect of soldiers and casualties of civilians during the last three years and current year (till June 2023) due to ceasefire violation in border areas shared with Pakistan are as under:

Year Fatal casualties of soldiers Casualties of civilians
2020 24 22
2021 04
2023 (till June, 2023)  


Appropriate retaliation to the ceasefire violations, as required, has been carried out by security forces.

In addition, all violations of ceasefire are taken up with Pakistan authorities at the appropriate level through the established mechanism of hotlines, flag meetings as well as weekly talks between the Directorate Generals of Military Operations of the two countries.

Ever since the Director General of Military Operations understanding came into existence in February, 2021, there have been just three incidents of ceasefire violations and no incident of shelling along the Line of Control (LoC).

However, India troops remain prepared for all such eventualities.

Diplomatically, India has repeatedly emphasized at the highest level, the need for Pakistan to uphold the sanctity of the Line of Control and the International Border as its obligations emanating from the understanding in vogue.

Source: https://pib.gov.in/PressReleasePage.aspx?PRID=1947695