Rafael wins maintenance support services contract with Asian Navy

Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Ltd. has won a new contract with an Asian nation to provide comprehensive maintenance support services for operational systems employed by its navy.

The multi-year agreement is estimated at 100 million Shekels (30 million dollars).

Besides, it will include maintenance services for the Navy’s TYPHOON Mk30-c and MINI-TYPHOON remotely-controlled naval weapon stations, Naval SPIKE ER and NLOS missile systems, EO surveillance systems, as well as EW Integrated Decoy Systems (IDS).

The services will bolster the technological and operational cooperation between Rafael and the user and establish maintenance capabilities for additional systems.

It is worth mentioning that earlier in March 2023, Rafael announced it had signed a multi-year agreement with the Israel to provide maintenance support services for dozens of TYPHOON RCWS in operational use by the Israeli Navy.

Further, TYPHOON Mk30-c and MINI-TYPHOON were also recently commissioned onboard FAIC-M / SHALDAG MK5 vessels in the Philippine navy as part of a complete RAFAEL combat suite.


RAFAEL’s TYPHOON family has set the standards for stabilized, remotely-controlled, small caliber, naval gun systems.

The TYPHOON weapon system family has gained a worldwide reputation as the most reliable, effective and affordable weapon system in its class.

About Spike ER and NLOS 

SPIKE ER and NLOS are electro-optically guided multipurpose missiles for ranges of up to 10 and 32 km at sea, respectively, with pinpoint accuracy and midcourse navigation.

Recently unveiled, RAFAEL’s 6th Generation NAVAL SPIKE NLOS missile delivers a number of groundbreaking capabilities, turning every OPV or patrol boat into a highly-effective combat vessel.

About Integrated Decoy Systems (IDS)

The IDS is an Integrated Decoy System that employs tactical confusion, distraction & seduction measures to create a complete defense suite that includes a controller, launchers and programmable decoys.

Source and Image Courtesy: https://www.rafael.co.il/press/rafael-wins-new-comprehensive-maintenance-support-services-contract-with-asian-navy/