US approves sale of Israeli Arrow-3 Missile Defense System to Germany

The United States (US) has given its approval to a a $3.5 billion sale of Israel’s Arrow-3 Missile Defence System to Germany.

This is touted as one of the Israel’s biggest-ever defence deal.

Subsequent to this approval, Israel and Germany will sign a Letter of Commitment, with a $600 million initial payment, to commence work on the project.

The full contract will be ready to sign by the end of 2023. And, the deliveries of Arrow-3 Missile Defence System is expected to begin by the fourth quarter of 2025.

US  is a partner in the Arrow project, which was developed jointly by the Israel Missile Defense Organization and the United States Missile Defense Agency.


About Arrow-3 Missile Defence System

The Arrow 3 interceptor is part of the Arrow Weapon System (AWS) which is the world’s first operational, national, stand-alone ATBM (Anti Tactical Ballistic Missiles) defense system.

The Arrow modular air defense systems detect, tracks, intercepts and destroys incoming TBMs carrying a range of warheads and over a large footprint.

This in turns helps in protecting strategic assets and population centers.

The innovative Arrow 3 interceptor is designed to intercept and destroy the newest, longer-range threats, especially those carrying weapons of mass destruction.

Arrow 3 integrates seamlessly into the Arrow Weapon System (AWS) complementing the current and future blocks of the Arrow 2 interceptor, thus enabling upper-tier multiple engagement opportunities.


  • Two-stage interceptor
  • Hit-to-kill warhead
  • Compact and innovative design
  • Very large defended area
  • High lethality against all types of TBMs and warheads
  • Outstanding maneuverability and divert capability
  • State-of-the-art long-range acquisition high-resolution EO sensor
  • Very large battle space
  • Two solid propulsion stages: booster and sustainer
  • Very short reaction time