Navantia Company Profile

Overview of Navantia Company

Founded: January 1, 2005

Type: State-owned enterprise

Key People: Susana Sarriá (Chairman and President)

Industry: Defence, Shipbuilding, Engineering

Headquarters: Madrid, Community of Madrid, Spain

Revenue: 1.34 billion euros

Number of Employees: 4547 (2022)

Products Offered: Warships, Hospital ship, Yachts, Ferries, Cargo ships, Platform supply vessels, Dredger, Marine propulsion, Offshore engineering

Subsidiaries – Navantia Australia; Navantia Systems; SAES; Sainsel Sistemas Navales SA


About the Company

Navantia Company is a state-owned company (SEPI Group), which designs and builds ships with a high technological content for the Spanish Navy and other navies.

It integrates systems and provide life cycle support, repairs, modernization, and technology transfer (ToT) services in 20 countries.

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