DroneAcharya successfully tests reusable rocket launch vehicle

Karnataka based DroneAcharya Aerial Innovations has successfully tested a reusable rocket launch vehicle.

The vehicle attained an altitude of about 3 km above ground and successfully landed using a parachute mechanism.

It had air pressure, heat, internal combustion, air friction sensors (with calculation), and miniature parachute for equipment recovery onboard.

The major highlight of this test was that there was a 100% recovery of the onboard sensors as well as the rocket launch vehicle.

The objective of the test was to calculate the burn rate of the solid propellant fuel, attaining an altitude of 3 km and returning to station in operational condition.

Further, the company plans to achieve altitudes of 10 km and subsequently 30 to 50 km to collect valuable atmospheric and meteorological data.

About DroneAcharya Aerial Innovations 

DroneAcharya Aerial Innovations was founded in 2017 as a Drone (UAV) startup in Karnataka under KEONICS (Karnataka State Electronics Development Corporation Limited).

The company provides a complete ecosystem of drone solutions for multi-sensor drone surveys, data processing of drone and robust high-configuration hardware for drone delivery, drone-in-a-box solutions for automated survey and surveillance, and drone pilot training, along with GIS data processing, Python coding, and industry-specific courses.

Source and Image Courtesy: https://economictimes.indiatimes.com/