Indian Navy planning to procure Counter Drone System (Soft Kill)

The Indian Navy is planning to procure Counter Drone System (Soft Kill) for use onboard Indian Naval warships; and have issued a RFI regarding the same.

With the view to identify probable vendors who can undertake the said project OEMs/Authorized Vendors are requested to forward information on the product which they can offer.

Noteworthy, the basic configuration of Counter Drone System – Soft Kill, must include the following: –

  1. Integral Radar for detection of Drones including Mini/Micro drones RCS 0.01 m2.
  2. Integral RF Directional Finder (RFDF).
  3. Integral EO/IR Sensor for detection and tracking with 360-degree coverage.
  4. Integral active RF Jammer to jam drone communication/control signals and GNSS frequencies.
  5. Weapon Control System (WCS).
  6. Recording Unit

Further the system should be capable for the following: –

  1. Installation on and operation from a ship.
  2. Operation from establishment ashore, including mobile variant (truck mounted).

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