India’s Space economy projected to grow beyond $80 Bn by 2040

India’s Space economy today stands at about $ 8 billion, viz 2% of the global (market share) and is excepted to grow beyond $80 billion by 2040 which is going to be a gigantic jump.

ISRO has launched more than 380 foreign satellites, earning more than 250 Million Euros and more than 170 Million US Dollars by launching American satellites.

And, in coming years there will more frequent and new launchings.

To start with, the ambitious Gaganyaan will have its first trial flight by the first or second week of October following the launch of first Sun Mission “Aditya-L1” on 2nd of September.

Further in the second trial, possibly beginning of next year, a female robot named “Vyommitra” will be onboard the Gaganyaan before the first human mission which may include up to three astronauts.

Also, worth mentioning within just 3-4 years India’s space economy have witnessed more than 150 Startups.