Australia and Indonesia conduct air combat exercise

Australia and Indonesia are conducting air combat exercise, known as ‘Exercise Elang AUSINDO 23’ from 18 to 28 September 23 at Manado in North Sulawesi.  

The Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) will be deploying six F-35A Lightning II Joint Strike Fighter aircraft to Indonesia for the first time, as part of Exercise Elang AUSINDO 23.

Further, the exercise involves 150 RAAF personnel training alongside 160 Indonesian personnel.

The Indonesian Air Force will deploy F-16 fighter aircraft for the air combat mission.

Basically, Exercise Elang AUSINDO is a regular combined training activity to increase our capacity to work together.

Through this exercise both the countries aim to build mutual cooperation, trust and understanding, both at the aviator-level and more broadly between the Australian Defence Force and Indonesian National Armed Forces.

Noteworthy, Exercise Elang AUSINDO 23 will see Australian and Indonesian personnel plan and execute air combat exercise missions including offensive and defensive counter air missions; basic fighter manoeuvres and air combat manoeuvres and air-to-air refuelling with a RAAF KC-30A Multi-Role Tanker Transport.

First held in 1993, Exercise Elang AUISINDO is part of a series of air cooperation exercises with Indonesia that includes Albatross AUSINDO (for maritime surveillance) and Rajawali AUSINDO (for tactical airlift).