Boeing to enhance manufacturing capabilities of the P-8I maritime aircraft in India

US aerospace major Boeing outlined its plan for enhancing engineering, manufacturing, and sustainment capabilities of the P-8I long-range maritime surveillance and anti-submarine warfare aircraft in India, eyeing an additional order of six planes.

At present, the Indian Navy has 12 P-8I aircraft.

The company said it had already generated a substantial economic impact, amounting to USD 1.7 billion to support the current P-8I aircraft fleet in service with the Indian Navy.

 Boeing said it envisions that increasing the P-8I fleet to 18 aircraft will increase investments, approximately USD 1.5 billion, while creating further indigenisation opportunities within India’s aerospace and defence sector by 2032.

The company is actively looking to enhance engineering, manufacturing, and sustainment capabilities in India, for India, and the world, benefiting both Indian and global customers.

Since its induction in 2013, the P-8I aircraft, based on the 737 next generation platform, has become an integral part of the Indian Navy’s fleet, and has surpassed 40,000 flight hours with high mission readiness rates.

Boeing is also committed to expanding its P-8 supplier network in India, which presently includes 15 public and private Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises that are part of Boeing’s global supply chain and are delivering critical parts, components, and services for the P-8.