Indian Army inducts 600 indigenous ‘Vibhav’ anti-tank mines

The Indian Army has inducted around six hundred (600) indigenously-manufactured self-neutralising anti-tank mines, known as ‘Vibhav’, to provide mobility kill against all enemy armoured vehicles.

Currently, the munition is under production by Kalyani Group for the Indian Army.

It has a storage life of 10 years with no special storage requirements.

Designed and developed completely indigenously in a joint venture with the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) in India, ‘Vibhav’ is a point-attack anti-tank munition.

The anti-tank mine is made of new-age plastic, which gives it adequate strength and durability to withstand the requirements of storage, handling, and operating in varying field conditions.

Further, the munition can be laid both mechanically or manually.

A host of safety and actuation mechanisms have been incorporated in ‘Vibhav’ to make it safe to handle, lethal against targets and reliable.

The integrated explosive, mechanical and electronic safety features ensure utmost operator safety, they added.

On the other hand, the lethality of the munition ensures effectiveness against all current and futuristic armoured vehicles.

Besides, the munition also incorporates an electronic anti-handling and anti-lift device (EAHALD) that stays active for 120 days once armed.