Indian Navy to acquire 12 autonomous weaponized boat swarms from Sagar Defence

The Indian Navy has recently granted its approval for the acquisition of 12 autonomous weaponized boat swarms, a groundbreaking development engineered by Pune-based Sagar Defence Engineering.

Noteworthy, these boats will provide naval forces with significant tactical advantages in underwater and surface warfare as they have multi-mission capabilities.

The weaponized boat swarms have two advanced cameras in front and back for surveillance, have a day and night radar tracking system, are armed with a 12.7 mm SRCG gun for neutralizing any threat and can easily be controlled from a remote station.

Further, it is also equipped with an unmanned aerial vehicle. From one monitoring station, one can control multiple boats.

Worth mentioning that these cutting-edge boats are capable of running for 48 hours on a single tank of fuel and offer a 360-degree external and internal situational awareness.

In addition to GPS, the boats are equipped with ISRO’s navigation system, NaVIC, ensuring navigation even in the absence of GPS signals.

Out of the 12 boats, the Navy will retain 10 for its operations, while two will be assigned to the Indian Army for use in operations at Pangong Lake.

The Indian Navy’s recent approval is a significant step forward, and the next phase will involve the issuance of a request for proposal, followed by the delivery of these technologically advanced boats.