ISRO Transfers IMS-1 Satellite Bus Technology to Alpha Design

As yet another step in enhancing the private industry participation in the Indian Space sector, ISRO transferred the IMS-1 Satellite Bus Technology to M/S Alpha Design Technologies Pvt. Ltd. (ADTL).

NewSpace India Limited (NSIL), the commercial arm of ISRO, facilitated the technology transfer through an agreement signed.

The Technology Transfer Documents were formally handed over by Shri. D Radhakrishnan, Chairman and Managing Director of NSIL to Col. H. S. Shankar (Retd.) VSM, Chairman and Managing Director of ADTL.

Noteworthy, ADTL is one of the two private players identified to receive the transfer of this technology through Interest Exploratory Note (IEN) published by NSIL.

This transfer marks the beginning of satellite-bus technologies developed by ISRO being transferred to private industries.

Further, the PSLV is under productionisation by a consortium of industries.

ISRO has been enabling private players develop Space technologies by facilitating and extending the expertise thus ensuring both the out-bound and in-bound approaches.

The IMS-1 satellite bus, developed by the U R Rao Satellite Centre (URSC/ ISRO), is a versatile and efficient small satellite platform designed to facilitate low-cost access to space.

The bus serves as a dedicated vehicle for various payloads, enabling Earth imaging, ocean and atmospheric studies, microwave remote sensing, and space science missions while ensuring a quick turnaround time for satellite launches.

IMS-1 bus, weighing about 100 kg, accommodates a 30 kg payload.

Solar arrays generate 330 W power with a raw bus voltage of 30-42 V. It offers a 3-axis stabilized with four reaction wheels with a 1 N thruster that provides +/- 0.1 degree pointing accuracy.

It is a forerunner for IMS-2 bus technology, capable of improved features. IMS-1 bus is utilised in previous ISRO missions like IMS-1, Youthsat and Microsat-2D.

By transferring the IMS-1 technology to the private sector, ISRO/DoS aims to bolster India’s industrial growth in the space sector and foster technological self-reliance.

The development opens up new avenues for private players to contribute to space research and exploration, in line with India’s vision to expand its presence in the global space market.