98 Defence Items worth Rs 1,40,000 Cr for Indian Armed Forces to be procured from indigenous sources

In continuous pursuit of self-reliance in Defence Manufacturing and to minimise imports by Defence Public Sector Units (DPSUs) under ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyan,’ the Ministry of Defence, India had notified four Positive Indigenization Lists (PILs) of LRUs / Sub-systems / Assemblies / Sub-assemblies / Spares / Components in Dec 2021, March 2022 and August 2022 and May 2023.

The first PIL has 101 items, 2nd PIL has 108 items, 3rd PIL has 101 items, while the 4th PIL has 101 items for indigenisation.

To further bolster the indigenization in Defence Platforms, 98 more items worth more than Rs 1,40,000 Crores have been notified in the latest 5th Positive Indigenisation List comprising of highly complex systems, sensors, weapons, and ammunition.

It lays special focus on import substitution of components of major systems besides important platforms, weapon system & sensors and munitions which are being developed and likely to translate into firm orders in the next five to ten years.

All these items will be procured from indigenous sources as per provisions given in Defence Acquisition Procedure 2020 in staggered timeline.

This list also provides an excellent opportunity for ‘Startups’ as also MSMEs which will get tremendous boost from this initiative and lead to creation of a world class defence industrial ecosystem in the country.

With this list of 98 items, total 509 items have been put under positive indigenisation list and will be procured from indigenous sources including PSUs and private players.

Here are the details of all the items included in the 5th Positive Indigenization List

With Effect from Dec 2023

  1. Quantum Key Distribution System for Optic Fiber based Networks (Upto 200 Km range)
  2. Satellite Based ELINT System
  3. Very High Frequency (VHF) Radar
  4. Electro Optic Fire Control System for Naval Platforms
  5. Front, Middle and Rear Outer for Tank (ARV VT-72B)
  6. Torque Motor (EU) for 155mm Bofors Gun
  7. Armour Plates for Cabin Nose Section for Mi-17 Helicopter
  8. Directional Control Valve (EU) for 155mm Bofors Gun

With Effect from Dec 2024

  1. Automated Mobile Test System (AKIPS) for OSA-AK-M Missile System
  2. Wire Rope Antenna for Mi-17 Helicopter
  3. Transmitter (Power Amplifier Assembly for LLLWR)
  4. 5KW & 10 KW HF Transmitter for Naval Ships
  5. 4G LTE Secure Handset for Navy
  6. Multifunction Aviation Ground Equipment (MFAGE) for Air Force
  7. Self-Generating Nitrogen Servicing Cart for Chinook Helicopter
  8. Gravity Rollers for Mi-17 V5 Helicopter
  9. Air Conditioning Unit for Chinook Helicopter
  10. Foaming Agent Morpene
  11. Hydraulic Supply Cart for Chinook Helicopter
  12. Poly Urethane Block for Mi-17 V5 Helicopter
  13. Tail Rotor Cable for Mi-17 V5 Helicopter
  14. Canister Missile (CM) Transportation Module for SPYDER Missile System
  15. HP Air Compressor for Ships and Submarines

With Effect from Dec 2025

  1. Futuristic Infantry Combat Vehicle (FICV)
  2. Articulated All-Terrain Vehicles (AATV)
  3. Remotely Piloted Air Borne Vehicles (RPAV) upto 25 Km with 2Kg Payload for Army
  4. Naval Shipborne Unmanned Aerial System (NSUAS)
  5. Medium Upgrade Low Endurance (MULE) Class Tactical Drone
  6. Electric Light Vehicle for Army
  7. CQB Carbine (5.56×45 Cal)
  8. Nag Missile System (NAMIS) Tracked (Limited Series Production)
  9. Medium Range Precision Kill System (MRPKS) for Artillery
  10. Next Generation Low Level Light Radar (LLLR) for Army
  11. Automatic Chemical Agent Detection & Alarm System (ACADA)
  12. Armoured Fighting Vehicle (AFV) Protection and Counter Measures System
  13. Integrated Mobile Camouflage System (IMCS)
  14. AI Based Satellite Image Analysis
  15. Health and Usage Monitoring Systems (HUMS) for enhancing Aircraft Serviceability
  16. Upgradation of BMP-2 to BMP-2M (Cdr Panoramic Sight and Fire Control System with Auto Target Tracking)
  17. Armament Upgradation BMP-2/2K (TI Based Gun Sight), TI Based Cdr Sight (Panoramic) and Fire Control System with Auto Target Tracking
  18. Test Equipment for Guided Weapon System for Tank T- 90 S/SK
  19. Automatic Range Instrumentation System (ARIS)
  20. 5/7.5 Ton Radio Relay Container

With Effect from Dec 2026

  1. Runway Independent Tactical (RWI) Remotely Piloted Aircraft System (RPAs): Vertical Take-off & Landing (VTOL)
  2. Radar for Naval Utility Helicopter
  3. Echo Sounder for EKM Submarine
  4. Navigation Radar for Submarine
  5. Portable Automatic Weather Station (PAWS): Pocket Weather Tracker
  6. Thermal Battery for Decoy System of Submarine
  7. Cockpit Audio Management Unit (CAMU) for Hawk Aircraft
  8. Audio Control Panel (ACP) for Hawk Aircraft
  9. Navigation Sensor Unit for Hawk Aircraft
  10. Auxiliary Control System for TEG Class Ships
  11. Heavy Weight Torpedo (HWT)
  12. Cartridges SA .338 Lapua Magnum
  13. Cartridges Subsonic 9mm Calibre 158 GRS
  14. Extended Range Anti Submarine Rocket (ERASR)
  15. Chaff for MiG 29-K Aircraft
  16. Chaff for P-8I Aircraft
  17. Secondary Battery for Heavy Weight Torpedo
  18. Battery INMG-174 for Submarine Decoy
  19. Engine Inserter & Remover of MiG 29K KUB Aircraft
  20. Valve, Diaphragm and Collar for Oxygen Torpedo
  21. Silver Chloride Magnesium Single Shot Sea Water Activated Primary

Battery for Light Weight Torpedo

  1. VLF Loop Antenna Including Below Deck Interface Equipment for Kalvari Class Submarine
  2. Floater for Torpedo
  3. 24V, 40AH, NI-CD Battery, Type NCSP B 40060 for PC-7 Mk II Aircraft

With Effect from Dec 2027

  1. CBRN Recce Vehicle Mk-II
  2. Quick Range Surface to Air Missile (QRSAM)
  3. Situational Awareness System for Armoured Fighting Vehicle (AFVs)
  4. Canister Launched Anti-Armour Loiter Munitions
  5. High-Capacity Radio Relay (HCRR) for Army
  6. Aircraft Lifting Sling (30 Ton)
  7. Launcher for Naval Shipborne Unmanned Aerial System (NSUAS)
  8. Launcher for Rudram Missile for Navy
  9. 85 KW DC Motor for HP Compressor of EKM Submarine
  10. Tyres for P8I Aircraft (Main & Nose Wheel)
  11. Tyres for MiG 29K KUB Aircraft (Main & Nose Wheel)
  12. Aircraft Recovery Dolly
  13. Trailer with Transition Platforms for Flight Safety

With Effect from Dec 2028

  1. Future Ready Combat Vehicle (FRCV)
  2. Anti-Sonar Decoy for Kalvari Class Submarine
  3. Uprating of Engine T-90 Tanks (1200-1500 HP)
  4. Laser Beam Riding Missile for VSHORADS
  5. High Energy Pre-Fragmented Fuel (HEPFF) Shell for 76/62 Super Rapid Gun Mount (SRGM)
  6. Proximity Fuze for 76/62 Super Rapid Gun Mount (SRGM)
  7. High Explosive Direct Action (HEDA) Shell for 76/62 Super Rapid Gun Mount (SRGM)
  8. DM-12 Exploder for Torpedo
  9. Flares for P-8I Aircraft
  10. Primer for 76/62 Super Rapid Gun Mount (SRGM)

With Effect from Dec 2028

  1. Electro Explosive Device for Light Weight Torpedo
  2. Personal Rescue Beacon
  3. Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System (IRNSS) Receiver for Ships
  4. BMP II Based Armoured Vehicle Track (AVT) (LR)

With Effect from Dec 2030

  1. Air Launched Anti-Radiation Combat Swarm Drone
  2. Precision Approach Radar for Aircraft Carrier
  3. High Altitude Pseudo Satellite (HAPS)
  4. Flares for MiG 29-K Aircraft

Source: https://srijandefence.gov.in/