US Aims to Bolster Ukraine’s Long-Term Air Defense Capabilities

The United States (US) will lead a newly formed coalition focused on developing Ukraine’s air force in a bid to bolster the country’s long-term air defense capabilities to defend itself against Russian aggression.

This announcement by US marks the formation of several distinct coalitions focused on building Ukraine’s future force capabilities.

Noteworthy, those coalitions are comprised of more than 50 countries that make up the Ukraine Defense Contact Group (UDCG).

Further, Denmark and the Netherlands will join the US in leading the effort to ensure Ukrainian forces can defend their skies.

The two European countries previously announced that they would supply Ukraine with F-16s.

Norway has also joined the effort to outfit Ukrainian pilots with the US-made jets.

The US has joined the countries in training Ukrainian pilots and aircrews on how to employ and maintain the advanced fighters.

Besides, US also announced Estonia and Luxembourg will lead a group of countries focused on supporting Ukraine’s information technology infrastructure.

Lithuania will lead a separate coalition focused on neutralizing mines in Ukrainian territory.

United States’ support for Ukrainian forces remains unwavering as evidenced by the more than $43.9 billion in US aid that has flowed to Ukraine since Russia’s unprovoked invasion.

That figure includes the latest security assistance package valued at $200 million.

The latest package includes a series of air defense systems, as well as additional artillery and rocket ammunition, precision aerial munitions, antitank weapons, and equipment to counter Russian drones.

Besides, as of now some 50 other members of Ukraine Defense Contact Group (UDCG) contact group have committed more than $33 billion in direct security assistance to Ukraine.

In fact, the three biggest European donors to Ukraine — Germany, the United Kingdom and Poland — have all committed more than the United States as a percentage of gross domestic product.

And, so have many other European countries, including Croatia, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, and all three of the Baltic states.