Indian Army to buy 6 Fast Patrol Boats

The Indian Army is planning to procure approximately 06 Numbers of Fast Patrol Boats, and have issued a Request for Information (RFI) for the same. 

Noteworthy, the Fast Patrol Boats are to be deployed for surveillance, patrolling & interception at sea and over water bodies, including as akin to the Sir Creek area.

Following are the characteristics of Fast Patrol Boats as envisaged by the RFI :-

  • The Fast Patrol Boat system shall be designed to drive in/ out of water bodies without the need for any jetty.
  • It should be operable in water at minimal draughts, in unknown/ varying terrain conditions and also at high speeds.
  • It should be rugged and versatile, so as to facilitate seamless execution of small team insertion, surveillance, reconnaissance and patrolling such as operational role of small team task force or MOTF (Mission Orienting Task Force) etc across a varying matrix of terrain and operating conditions.
  • The Fast Patrol Boat should be designed to ensure safety of the operator and passengers, reduction of operator fatigue whilst achieving the standards for rugged military use.

Besides, the Fast Patrol Boats shall broadly comprise of the following technical parameters:-
(a) Overall length not more than 6-7 mtr.

(b) Draught Not more than 0.4 m with full pay load.

(c) Speed:-

(i) Max 35 knots at sea state-2 with 04 person on board including crew (total payload of 500Kg i.e personnel weight plus battle load).
(ii) Max 29 knots at sea state-2 with 08 person on board including crew at full load displacement (total payload of 1000Kg i.e personnel weight plus battle load).

(d) The hull shall be constructed in accordance with classification society rules and shall be of single piece FRP mould with smooth mat finish scratch proof Gel coat outer finish in single mould.

(e) Carriage capacity of Max 08 armed personnel with battle loads (including crew) (approx. pay load 1000 Kg).

Noteworthy, the procurement of the boats will be as per DAP2020 and accordingly, shipyards are required to submit the details regarding Indigenous Content (IC).

The categorization for the procurement is intended to be under ‘Buy (Indian)’.

The boat must meet the minimum IC parameters in accordance with Para 21 of Chapter I of DAP-2020 and amendments thereafter.

The vendor is also required to comment on the categorisation and IC content mentioned below as indicated in Para 21 of CH-I of DAP-2020:-

The last date of acceptance of all documents is 28 Nov 2023.

Further, the vendors shortlisted for issue of RFP would be intimated.