Elbit Systems awarded contract for Swedish Army LSS Mark digitization program

Elbit Systems Sweden AB (Elbit Systems Sweden) was awarded a contract worth approximately $170 million to become the integration partner for the Swedish Army digitalization program LSS Mark.

The contract will be performed over a ten year period.  

As the integration partner, Elbit Systems Sweden will lead the roll-out of the Swedish Armed Forces digitization program for the army and integrate, install, maintain and upgrade command and control systems on a variety of platforms from command posts, vehicles, through to dismounted systems, and as such both support the growth of Swedish army as well as capability enhancements.

The work will take place at Elbit Systems Sweden’s facilities, increasing the local footprint, employing dozens of system engineers, technicians and field support engineers over the next few years, enhancing Elbit Systems’ commitment to grow and expand local know-how and capabilities of Elbit Systems Sweden.

Source: https://elbitsystems.com/