Israel requests 200 switchblade 600 loitering munitions from US

Israel has reached out to the United States (US) for 200 Switchblade 600 loitering munitions.

Notably, these advanced loitering munitions, manufactured by AeroVironment, have been sought by Israel to bolster their capabilities in multi-domain operations.

According to the circulating reports in media, Israel has reached out to the US seeking these attack drones and other weapons systems.

The Switchblade 600 drones, designed to neutralize armoured vehicles and various targets, have garnered attention for their impressive specifications.


About Switchblade 600 Loitering Munitions

Switchblade 600 represents the next generation of extended-range loitering munitions, delivering unprecedented RSTA support and featuring high-precision optics, over 40 minutes of loitering endurance, and an anti-armor warhead for engaging larger, hardened targets at greater distances. 

As an all-in-one, man-portable solution, Switchblade 600 includes everything required to successfully plan and execute missions and can be set up and operational in less than 10 minutes.

Further, equipped with class-leading, high-resolution EO/IR gimbaled sensors and advanced precision flight control, Switchblade 600 loitering munitions empowers the warfighter with quick and easy deployment via tube-launch, and the capability to fly, track and engage non-line-of-sight targets and armored vehicles with precision lethal effects without the need for external ISR or fires assets. 

Patented wave-off and recommit capability allows operators to abort the mission at any time and then re-engage either the same or other targets multiple times based on operator command. 

Whether it’s from fixed defensive positions, combat vehicles with integrated organic precision fire, or air-launched applications, Switchblade 600 provides field commanders with a multi-mission loitering munition system capable of multi-domain operations.

EFFECTS ON TARGET: Anti-Armor and Anti-Personnel Effects

LINK RANGE: Threshold: 40 km
Objective: 90+ km

ENDURANCE: 40+ min

WEIGHT: Munition: 33 lb (15 kg)
AUR: 65 lb (29.5 kg)

SPEED: Loiter: 70 mph (113 km/h)
Sprint: 115 mph (185 km/h)