India, US plans to co-produce Stryker armored vehicles

India and the United States (US) have announced plans to co-produce Stryker armored vehicles as part of their efforts to counter China’s military influence in Asia.

The move aims to strengthen the shared security of the two countries by diversifying supply chains and enhancing military interoperability.

As of now, an initial offer on the (Stryker) infantry combat vehicles has come from the US, to which India has expressed its interest in discussing it further to take the co-production part ahead.

Notably, the majority of the Stryker armored vehicles will be deployed along India’s border with China.

While, some of the vehicles are also expected to be deployed along India’s border with Pakistan.

Further, the initiative also supports India’s goal of reducing its dependence on Russian weapons and expanding its industrial base.

The announcement comes as part of a multi-year effort to strengthen US-India ties through intelligence sharing, technology transfer and bolstered diplomatic ties.

India is seeking thousands of co-produced vehicles, most of which will be armed with anti-tank missile systems.

The rest will be used for battlefield surveillance or as command vehicles.

The Stryker, a wheeled combat vehicle produced by General Dynamics Land Systems Inc., is prized by the US Army for its versatility.

There are more than two dozen variants, which serve as infantry carriers, reconnaissance platforms, medical and engineering support, among other missions.