Indian Defence Ministry updates list of companies debarred, put on hold or suspended from doing business with the MoD

In accordance with the Indian Defence Ministry Guidelines for penalties in Business Dealings with entities, a list of firms has been debarred/put on hold/suspended etc. from doing business with Ministry of Defence (MoD) as on date.

Debarred Firms – Total 6 Nos.

(MoD ID dated 11.04.2012, 17.09.2013 & 02.11.2023)

  1. M/s Singapore Technologies Kinetics Ltd.
  2. M/s Israel Military Industries Ltd. (IMI)
  3. M/s Corporation Defence, Russia
  4. M/s R. K. Machine Tools Ltd., Ludhiana
  5. M/s Rheinmetall Air Defence (RAD), Zurich
  6. M/s T. S. Kisan & Co. Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi

Put on hold/Suspended firms – Total 15 Nos.

  1. M/s IDS, Tunisia (MoD ID dated 03.07.2014)
  2. M/s Infotech Design System (IDS), Mauritius (MoD ID dated 03.07.2014)
  3. M/s IDS Infotech Ltd, Mohali (MoD ID dated 03.07.2014)
  4. M/s Aeromatrix Info. Solution Pvt. Ltd., Chandigarh (MoD ID dated 03.07.2014)
  5. M/s Shanx Oceaneering (MoD ID dated 09.08.2006)
  6. M/s Inter Spiro India Pvt. Ltd. (MoD ID dated 09.08.2006)
  7. M/s Experts Systems (MoD ID dated 09.08.2006)
  8. M/s Unitech Enterprises (MoD ID dated 09.08.2006)
  9. M/s Kelvin Engineering (MoD ID dated 09.08.2006)
  10. Atlas group of companies including M/s Atlas Telecom and M/s Atlas Defence Services (MoD ID dated 09.08.2006)
  11. M/s Offset India Solutions (P) Ltd. and its Group companies/functionaries (MoD ID dated 05.01.2019)
  12. M/s Pilatus Aircraft Ltd, Switzerland (MoD ID dated 12.07.2019)
  13. M/s Vectra Advanced Engineering Pvt Ltd (VAEPL) (MoD ID dated 14.08.2020)
  14. M/s DEFSYS Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (MoD ID dated 09.12.2022)
  15. M/s Adigear International (MoD ID dated 19.01.2023)

Restricted Procurement from firms – Total 02 Nos.

  1. M/s Rolls Royce and it’s allied & subsidiaries companies (MoD ID dated 28.07.2014)
  2. M/s Tatra Trucks a.s. of Czech Republic (MoD ID dated 22.12.2014)

Besides, business dealings with M/s SARR Freights Corporation & Associated/ Allied Firms were suspended vide MoD order dated 19.02.2021.

Hon’ble High Court of Delhi, in a case relating to Department of Defence Production, vide order dated 25.05.2021 stayed the operation of MoD order dated 19.02.2021.

Further, Hon’ble High Court of Delhi vide directions dated 11.08.2023 has extended the stay till next date of hearing i.e., 17.01.2024.