India-Sri Lanka joint military exercise culminates at southern command in Pune

A joint India-Sri Lanka military exercise, Mitrashakti 2023, culminated on 28th November, 2023 at Pune’s southern command foreign training node after a span of twelve (12) days.

Notably, the forces, including troops from the Indian Army and the Air Force, learnt about each other’s operational drills and tactics during this exercise.

Brigadier S Taluja, Commander, Aundh Military Station, and Major General PGPS Rathnayaka, Sri Lankan Army, addressed the contingents during the closing ceremony.

Worth mentioning that joint military exercises between armies are a facet of military diplomacy between nations across the world.

It is increasingly becoming an important instrument in developing relationships, trust and confidence between the Armies which may eventually prove useful during joint military operations such as UN peacekeeping operations.