NDA Expo Autumn Term 2023 kick-starts in National Defence Academy

The NDA Expo Autumn Term- 2023 was inaugurated on 27 Nov 2023 by Mrs Reyman Kochhar, President, Family Welfare Organisation, National Defence Academy of India.

The event represents the culmination of various club activities at NDA.

Noteworthy, the Expo comprised displays from 23 indoor and outdoor hobby clubs of which the NDA cadets are part and will be open for visitors on 27 – 29 Nov 2023.

The proud parents of the passing out course will get an opportunity to witness the creative talents of NDA cadets.

Beside, the expo also gives a glimpse of the 75 Glorious Years of this unique Academy which has been inculcating jointmanship and military ethos in the young military leaders in making whilst providing them with these opportunities of self- expression, creative use of their time and simultaneously honing their soft skills.

The growth and evolution of the Academy over 75 years were visible in the various club exhibits.

The enthusiasm of cadets and the guidance of instructors worked wonders in honing the talent of cadets for the conduct of the Expo.

Source: https://pib.gov.in/