Pakistan to buy Anti-Tank Guided Weapon Systems from Turkey

It has been reported by The Print that Pakistan is in the process of buying anti-tank guided weapon systems (ATGWs) from its long-term ally Turkey.

According to sources in the defence and security establishment, Islamabad is also considering co-production of the ATGWs along with the Turkish weapons manufacturer Roketsan.

Designed to destroy an adversary’s tanks and other armoured vehicles, anti-tank guided weapon systems or missiles can be short, medium or long-range.

To be noted that Rokestan offers a range of anti-tank weapon systems including the man-portable KARAOK, a short-range fire-and-forget anti-tank guided missile with an imaging infrared seeker.

Other ATGWs part of its catalogue include the OMTAS, a medium-range anti-tank weapon system, and UMTAS — a long-range anti-tank missile system developed primarily for integration with attack helicopters, according to Roketsan’s website.

Though Pakistan has had long-standing defence ties with Turkey, the two countries have in recent years forged closer military cooperation through co-production of combat jets and missiles.


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