Saab inks support contract with South Korea for Arthur weapon locating systems

Saab has signed a contract with South Korea’s Defense Acquisition Program Administration regarding support and supply of spare parts for its Arthur weapon locating systems.

The order value is approximately SEK 795 million and the contract period is 2023-2028.

Noteworthy, Saab will carry out the work with its local support team in South Korea, in cooperation with a team in Gothenburg, Sweden for spare parts supply  and back-office support.

The Republic of Korea Armed Forces is the largest operator of our Arthur weapon locating system.

About Arthur weapon locating systems

Arthur is a lightweight, highly mobile weapon locating system (WLS), tactically deployed close to the forward line of own troops.

Further, it is made to give the commander freedom of manoeuvre and enables quick counter-fire, making the threat the target, in no time.

In the battlefield it rapidly detect and track artillery projectiles and calculate points of origin for counter battery and generate points of impact to the intelligence community.

The mobility, operational range and high accuracy makes it uniquely suited for all types of Counter Battery Operations.

Worth mentioning that Arthur weapon locating systems has been sold to 13 countries as on date, and is the most used weapon locating radar in the NATO community.

  • It has low infrared (IR) and electronic warfare (EW) signatures, deployed right it is very hard to detect and hit with thermal or radar-seeking weapons.
  • Should the antenna be partially hit by small-arms fire or shrapnel, the remaining waveguides will stay functional and offer true graceful functional degradation.