German Navy NH90 Sea Tiger Helicopter performs maiden flight

The first NH90 Sea Tiger helicopter took off on-schedule for its maiden flight, at Airbus Helicopters’ site in Donauwörth, Germany.

The German Bundeswehr ordered 31 NH90 Sea Tiger multi-role frigate helicopters for the German Navy’s shipborne operations in 2020.

To be noted that Airbus Helicopters is now entering a qualification phase that will focus on flight testing the helicopter and new systems to be installed on board the NH90 Sea Tiger helicopter.

The deliveries are scheduled to begin at the end of 2025.

Noteworthy, the helicopters will replace the German Navy’s ageing Mk88A Sea Lynx fleet which entered into service in 1981.

The Bundeswehr already operates 18 NH90 Sea Lion naval transport helicopters which were delivered on schedule between 2019 and 2023.

The NH90 Sea Tiger Helicopter is the latest version of the proven NH90 NFH (Naval Version).

Further, it has been specifically designed to match the needs of the German Navy for a state of the art anti-submarine warfare helicopter. Novelties include a new Electro-Optical System and improved Electronic Support Measures (ESM).

On top, the Sea Tiger is equipped with a dipping sonar, sonobuoys, and weapons (torpedoes and missiles).

The shipborne Sea Tigers’ missions include, in addition to reconnaissance and transport, engaging targets above and below the surface. 

As of now, 135 naval NH90 helicopters have already been delivered to six nations and have completed  over 90,000 flight hours in search and rescue, humanitarian, and military operations.

There are more than 500 NH90 helicopters in service worldwide that have accumulated over 370,000  flight hours.

About NHIndustries

NHIndustries is the largest rotorcraft joint venture and it is responsible for the design, manufacturing and support of the NH90 helicopter, one of the leaders in the latest generation of military helicopters.

Notably, the Company takes the best from the European rotorcraft and defence industry, being owned by Airbus Helicopters (62.5%), Leonardo (32%) and GKN Fokker (5.5%).

Each company has a long aerospace pedigree and brings the top of its skills and expertise to the end product.