DZYNE Technologies Announces Development of New Major Manufacturing Facility in California

DZYNE Technologies, a leading provider of advanced uncrewed autonomous systems (UAS) for defense applications have announced the development of a new 125,000 square foot facility in Irvine, California.

The new facility will house DZYNE’s growing team of engineers, researchers, and manufacturing personnel.

And, also it will provide the company with the space and resources it needs to continue developing cutting-edge autonomous defense solutions for U.S. and international customers.

Notably, DZYNE’s flagship products include the LEAP and ULTRA Long Endurance Aircraft (LEA), capable of providing 40+ and 80+ hours of continuous mission endurances, respectively.

Further, DZYNE’s LEA products have accumulated worldwide over 50,000 operational flight hours, exemplifying their unmatched cost and performance benefits.

In addition, DZYNE has partnered with leading DoD research and warfighting organizations to design and deliver an array of advanced ground- and air-launched Group 1-3 UAS in support of various conventional and asymmetric customer mission needs.

Noteworthy, DZYNE will host a grand opening ceremony in the new year to showcase the facility and the company’s latest product offerings and manufacturing capabilities.

This event will also serve as an opportunity to recognize the efforts of the Department of Defense, key elected officials, U.S. and international partners, and the local community for their support of DZYNE’s continued growth.

About DZYNE Technologies

DZYNE is a high-growth, leading technology developer and manufacturer of Group I-V UAS platforms.

The Company’s platforms provide advanced intelligence, reconnaissance, and surveillance capabilities and the Company specializes in the rapid design, development, and deployment of advanced manned and unmanned systems.

Besides, DZYNE integrates artificial intelligence into its operational aircraft with state-of-art payloads and end effects through concept creation, rapid prototypes, and finished products and can provide its aircraft with advanced full-motion video and video processing, autonomous navigation, and targeting and tracking capabilities.