South Korea Conducts First Domestic Live-Fire Test of SM-2 shipborne Missile Interceptors

The South Korean military has successfully conducted the first domestic live-fire test of (Standard Missile-2) SM-2 shipborne missile interceptors.

The Navy said that the live-fire test of SM-2 held at the Samcheok Maritime Research Center of the Agency for Defense Development (ADD) was successful.

Further, the Navy said that during the test, the SM-2 ship-to-air missile launched from a South Korean warship accurately hit a virtual target approaching at high speed.

Further, the Navy was able to analyze the live-fire drill scientifically and objectively by checking the trajectory and flight motion of the ship-launched air defense SM-2 missile in real time.

Noteworthy, with the lack of a maritime testing site and analysis system for medium- and long-range ship-to-air guided missiles in the country, the Korean military has so far conducted live-fire training for SM-2 missiles abroad at the Pacific Missile Range Facility in Hawaii on the sidelines of the RIMPAC international maritime exercise.

The Navy said that with the launch of the Samcheok Maritime Research Center this year, the military can now conduct live-fire drills for maritime-guided weapons, saving about one billion won in budget for each test.