UK announces 46 new sanctions aimed at Russia’s military supply chain

United Kingdom (UK) have announced 46 new sanctions against individuals and groups from different countries it said were involved in Russia’s military supply chain and helping sustain its invasion of Ukraine.

Those sanctioned included entities operating in China, Turkey, Serbia and Uzbekistan.

It is worth mentioning that UK has staunchly supported Ukraine since Russia invaded in February 2022, and said it was targeting third-country suppliers in order to limit Russia’s ability to try to work around existing sanctions.

Also, UK has sanctioned 31 people and entities linked to the design and manufacture of drones and missile parts and the import of electronic components, and four United Arab Emirate-based entities it said were involved in trading Russian oil.

The 46 designations include one aimed at Belarus.

The foreign ministry said it was sanctioning a Belarusian defence organisation that had manufactured military technology used by Minsk to support Russia’s war effort.