BAE Systems, Babcock, and RBSL collaborate to offer ARCHER Wheeled Mobile Artillery System to UK MOD

BAE Systems, Babcock, and Rheinmetall BAE Systems Land (RBSL) are joining forces to offer the ARCHER wheeled mobile artillery system to the UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) as the replacement for the legacy AS90.

Under their teaming, named the Archer Artillery Alliance, these companies will offer the proven, advanced technology system, which presents the lowest risk solution for the Mobile Fires Platform (MFP) programme, as the UK aims to modernise its 155mm capabilities.

The three companies, each with a well-established supply chain in the UK, plan to work with other UK businesses as plans progress.

BAE Systems will provide and integrate the weapon system, including the barrel, as well as the gun control system.

In addition, BAE Systems will set up and manage the Assembly, Integration and Test (AIT) facility.

While, Babcock International Group will hold responsibility for the consolidation of the superstructure and ammunition resupply system, sharing its significant manufacturing and maintenance capabilities.

RBSL will be the UK lead for the RMMV HX 8X8 truck chassis, and prepare the cabin for integration with the ARCHER artillery system.

BAE Systems, which recently secured a contract for an additional 48 ARCHER Wheeled Mobile Artillery System for the Swedish Army, plans to transfer technology from its existing production line in Sweden to the UK to establish a UK-based MFP production line.

The work across the Alliance and its supply chain would create more than 350 new high-skilled jobs in the UK.

Noteworthy, the Alliance’s proposal would ensure a significant amount of UK industrial content once the programme enters full-rate production.

As part of the bid, BAE Systems plans to use its expertise in Sweden and the UK to re-establish sovereign barrel manufacturing in the UK, which would provide an opportunity to generate operational independence and security of supply through a sovereign artillery manufacturing solution.

About ARCHER Wheeled Mobile Artillery System 

ARCHER Wheeled Mobile Artillery System is a fully automated system, purpose-built to keep pace with fast-moving land forces.

Further, it is designed for rapid deployment to quickly respond to threats and deliver superior mobility, lethality and survivability.

Operators control the entire gun system from the safety of ARCHER’s armoured cabin.

In only 20 seconds, the vehicle can stop and fire its first round. After completion of the fire mission, ARCHER is on the move again within 20 seconds.

Besides, in less than two minutes, ARCHER can fire six rounds, displace, and move 500 metres, making the ARCHER the ultimate shoot-and-scoot system for soldier and platform survivability.

As well as being selected by Sweden and as the UK’s interim solution, Switzerland recently down selected ARCHER for the country’s procurement of new artillery.

Also, Sweden has also donated a number of systems for use by Ukrainian armed forces.

Following are the salient features of the ARCHER Wheeled Mobile Artillery System:- 


  • Mounted on a military off-the-shelf all-terrain 8×8 vehicle
  • Road speed up to 90 km / h
  • 20 seconds for deployment and redeployment
  • Can be transported by rail, boat or air
  • Up to 650 km range with on-board fuel
  • Integrated runflat system
  • Crew separated from gun and ammunition
  • Crew never has to leave the cabin during combat
  • Full protection against NBC threats, artillery fragmentation, mine attacks and blast overpressure 
  • Optional Advanced Multispectral Camouflage System