Initiatives by Indian Govt. to Enhance Performance of Sainik Schools

The primary aim of Sainik Schools is to prepare cadets academically, physically and mentally for entry into the National Defence Academy. Various steps are in place for ensuring the academic excellence of the cadets of 33 Sainik Schools.

These include conducting of interactive training & close monitoring of progress of cadets, remedial classes for slow learners, introduction of latest pedagogical practices, in service course and training for teachers, guest lectures & motivational tours for cadets etc.

Initially in 1961, 05 Sainik Schools were opened by the Government under the aegis of Sainik Schools Society.

However, to meet the growing aspirations of the people and to attract youth from diverse socio-economic backgrounds in order to foster a sense of national integration and unity, 28 more Sainik Schools were subsequently opened across the country making it a total of 33 Sainik Schools.

In 2021, Government has approved a scheme to establish new Sainik Schools under partnership mode with Government/private schools/NGOs/Trusts etc. in order to set up such schools on the pattern of existing Sainik Schools by aligning their education system with Sainik Schools ethos, value system and national pride.

Further, a total of 42 schools have been approved so far under partnership mode out of which sessions have commenced in 19 schools.

Also, in order to achieve gender equality and to pave way for induction of women in Armed Forces, Girl Cadets have also been inducted in all 33 Sainik Schools w.e.f. 2021-22.

Noteworthy, the Sainik Schools have evolved over the years as a model in imparting quality education and training to cadets and prepare them to be good citizens and excel in all walks of life. 

Following are the various initiatives have been undertaken by Sainik Schools to instill a sense of civic responsibility and leadership among cadets as indicated below:

  • Prefectorial system is followed in all Sainik Schools where cadets are assigned with specific responsibilities to develop leadership qualities.
  • Cadets are encouraged to participate in various exchange programmes being organized among Sainik Schools and other Schools to make them understand about civic responsibilities and develop leadership qualities.
  • Sainik Schools undertake social work and community service projects including outreach programmes. Cadets are also involved in initiatives such as tree plantations drives, cleanliness campaigns, and volunteering at local community organizations. This help in fostering a sense of responsibility towards the society.
  • Educational tours and visits are arranged to expose the cadets to diverse environments and situations. These experiences help in developing adaptability, cultural understanding, and a sense of responsibility towards the larger community.
  • NCC is compulsory for both boys and girls cadets which help to develop qualities of character, courage and discipline among the cadets. 

This information was given by India’s Minister of State Shri Ajay Bhatt in a written reply to Lt Gen (Dr) D P Vats (Retd) in Rajya Sabha on 11 Dec, 2023.