Ukraine to jointly manufacture 155mm artillery shells with US firms

Ukraine has agreed to jointly manufacture vital 155mm artillery shells with two United States (US) based firms in Ukraine.

However, the production is not expected to start before at least minimum of two years.

Notably, the demand for 155mm rounds by Ukraine escalated following Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine in 2022.

As of now, the US and allies have sent Kyiv more than 2 million and are trying, with limited success, to increase production to replenish stocks.

The announcement for co-production follows a two-day Ukraine-US defence conference held in Washington, which included bilateral meetings to discuss Ukraine’s battlefield plans for 2024 and measures to make it happen.

Noteworthy, Ukraine and US signed a letter of intent at the forum to speed up weapons co-production and technical data exchange to meet the urgent needs of the Ukrainian army in air defence systems, maintenance, and production of critical ammunition.


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