Lithuania acquires more NASAMS air defence systems from KONGSBERG

Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace (KONGSBERG) has signed a contract with the government of Lithuania for the delivery of more NASAMS air defence systems.

The EUR 200 million (about NOK 2.3 billion) contract will provide Lithuania with the latest technology and increased air defence capabilities.

As part of the contract, Lithuania will also modernize parts of the NASAMS equipment the country acquired in 2017.

With this modernization, Lithuania will have the most modern and efficient configuration of this advanced air defence system.

Noteworthy, the system consists of Raytheon’s Sentinel radar and three advanced missile variants, as well as KONGSBERG’s Fire Distribution Center (FDC) and multi-missile launchers.

Earlier this year, Lithuania’s Ministry of Defence purchased NASAMS missile launchers for donation to Ukraine, where the system has contributed to the protection of people and critical infrastructure.

NASAMS’ modularity and open architecture enable the continuous introduction of new technology, which ensures that the system can be adapted to new threats and missions throughout its lifetime.

By acquiring more NASAMS, Lithuania consolidates its position in the user group, which now counts 13 nations. 

About NASAMS Air Defence System

NASAMS Air Defence System ( (National Advanced Surface-to-Air Missile System) is the world’s first operational Network Centric Short to Medium Range Ground Based Air Defence System.

The salient features of the system are as under:- 

  • Status of NASAMS: In production and in operational use. Selected by 13 customers.
  • NASAMS Tests & Tactical firings: 250 ( > 91 % success)
  • AMRAAM and AIM-9X-2 Dual use (without any modification): Fighter Aircraft and NASAMS
  • AMRAAM Combat kills: > 13
  • Target sets: UAVs, Helicopters, Cruise Missiles, UCAVs, Aircraft
  • NASAMS Architecture: Open SW & HW architecture, COTS, Network Centric
  • Simultaneous multiple engagements: 72
  • Mission of Reference: > 140 000 hours demonstrated (continuous operations (24/7), ongoing mission)
  • Transportability: Air (C-130 and helicopter), Sea and Land
  • Data links: (implemented and in use) Link 16, JRE, Link 11, Link 11B, LLAPI, ATDL-1, indigenous
  • Mission Planning Tool: Embedded and stand alone (PC)