Aditya-L1, India’s first solar mission to reach its destination by early next month

“Aditya-L1”, India’s first solar mission, will reach its destination, Lagrange Point 1, early next month, to be precise, around the first week of January 2024, Union Minister Dr Jitendra Singh has confirmed.

Meanwhile, ISRO will conduct a series of tests related to India’s maiden human Space mission, Gaganyaan, in the course of the next year, he said.

Further, Dr Jitendra Singh said during an interview with Sanasad TV that India has witnessed an investment of over Rs.1,000 crore in Space Startups in the last nine months of the current financial year from April to December 2023.

From just one Startup in the Space sector four years back, Indian now has almost 190 private Space Startups after opening up of the sector and the earlier ones of them have now turned entrepreneurs.

Also, Dr Jitendra Singh said, although Indian Space programme started late, about the time when the leading Space faring nations were racing to the Moon, today the world is eagerly awaiting Chandrayaan-3 studies which landed on the virgin South Polar region of Moon.

Besides, during PM Modi’s visit to Washington, the NASA made a proposal to send an Indian astronaut to the International Space Station (ISS), that is likely to materialize next year, he said.

Dr Jitendra Singh said, India is utilizing Space Applications in almost all sectors such as Infrastructure Development, ‘Svamitva’ GPS land-mapping, Smart Cities etc.