Indian Navy increases maritime security operations in Arabian Sea following recent incidents

In response to the recent maritime incidents in the Arabian Sea, the Indian Navy has commenced focused maritime security operations in the region.

The Indian Navy (IN) has significantly increased the presence of warships and enhanced air surveillance to safeguard the waters and ensure the safety of maritime activities.

Noteworthy, the move comes in the wake of incidents that raised concerns about the safety of shipping and trade routes in the region.

Besides, IN is actively collaborating with national maritime agencies to coordinate efforts and implement effective security measures.

The primary objective of these operations is to secure the Arabian Sea and protect merchant marine activities from potential threats.

The increased naval presence is expected to act as a deterrent and contribute to the overall safety and stability of the maritime environment.

Notably, these measures are being taken in the wake of the attack by a suspected drone on merchant vessel MV Chem Pluto on December 23, 2023.

Also, following the attack, the Indian Navy also deployed multiple Guided Missile Destroyers including INS Mormugao, INS Kochi and INS Kolkata, in various areas of the Arabian Sea to maintain a deterrent presence.