Welfare of fallen heroes’ families as well as soldiers, ex-servicemen & their dependents is the nation’s collective responsibility: Shri Rajnath Singh

It is the collective responsibility of the nation to ensure the welfare of the families of the fallen heroes, serving & retired soldiers as well as their dependents, whose unmatched sacrifice, commitment & patriotism is the bedrock of a safe and prosperous India.

This was stated by the Indian Defence Minister Shri Rajnath Singh while addressing an event, organised by an NGO in Surat, Gujarat on December 30, 2023, to honour the valour & sacrifices of the fallen heroes, and extend support to their families.

Paying rich tributes to these bravehearts, Shri Rajnath Singh asserted that the nation will forever remain indebted to the soldiers who safeguard the unity, integrity and sovereignty of the motherland.

He commended the Armed Forces personnel for successfully discharging their duties with the Government’s ‘India first, security first’ approach, stating that the people are able to contribute to nation building as they know that the borders are secure.

Further, he also expressed gratitude to the family members for producing “these diamonds whose shine illuminates the entire country”.

The Defence Minister drew parallels between the process of creating diamonds and the transformation of youth into extraordinary soldiers.

“Just as very high temperature and pressure transforms carbon atoms into diamonds, the challenging circumstances, under which the soldiers serve the nation, shape the ordinary youth into diamonds. With their shine, these diamonds then protect us from darkness,” he said.

Shri Rajnath Singh took the opportunity to encourage business leaders to prioritise nation building over personal gains, emphasising that money should be viewed as a means and not the ultimate life goal.

He also spoke of the historical significance of Gujarat and its role in the progress of the nation.

“Gujarat is the birthplace of prominent figures such as poet Narsingh Mehta who united the then society through his devotion and literature; Father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi whose ideals & principles ensured our freedom; Iron Man of India Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel who strengthened the unity & integrity of the nation; and Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi who has raised India’s stature at the international level and has taken the nation forward on the path of prosperity and security.

Last but not the least, it is also the birthplace of countless soldiers who bolster the security of our borders by risking their lives,” he said.

Also, the Defence Minister added that the Government stands with the Armed Forces and is equipping them with the latest weapons and platforms to protect the nation from threats.

Besides, he assured the nation that the military is ready to face every challenge and it will give a befitting reply to anyone who tries to cast an evil eye.

Source: https://pib.gov.in/