IAF issues EoI For Repair, Refurbishment And Life Extension Of RVV-AE Missiles Through JV/MoU With OEM

Indian Air Force (IAF) under Ministry of Defence, invites Expression of Interest (Eol) from Indian firms towards repairs, refurbishment, life extension checks and subsequent life cycle management of RW-AE air to air missiles under the category of ‘Missiles with Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Support’, by Indian Firms through JV / MoU with OEM of the missile.

Notably, the schedule of requirements includes Repair, Refurbishment and Life Extension of life expired RW-AE Missiles held under various categories.

Life extension covers all aspects of life assigned to the missile by OEM (eg. Shelf life, Service/ Operational life, life based on no. of landings, system energization cycles etc.), Life extension of the missiles are to be given after repair and refurbishment of the missiles.

Noteworthy, Missiles which are to be repaired, refurbished and life extended under the said task are grouped under the category of ‘Missiles with OEM Support’.

For which, the industry shall have JVs I MoUs with the OEM so as to get necessary technical support including required material from OEM on particular missile for establishing the capacity for undertaking refurbishment and life extension of missiles.

To ascertain the above condition, the Indian Partner shall attach a copy of JVI MoU with OEM of RVV-AE missiles along with the proposal.

To be noted that the Repair, Refurbishment and Life Extension of life expired RW-AE Missiles are to be undertaken as per the technology provided by the OEM.

The technology provided by OEM is to be shared with IAF for necessary scrutiny on the Scope and extent of repair and refurbishment being undertaken before finalizing the detailed SaW.

The final SoW in detail will be mutually finlaised by IAF, OEM and Indian Partner.

The project is envisaged to be undertaken in two phases, namely Phase-I (i.e Pilot Phase) and Phase-II (i.e. Series Production) as part of the same contract.

Phase-II would be undertaken post successful completion of the Phase-I which includes evaluation by ground firing and live air firing. Approximate quantities envisaged on the project are appended below:-

  • Phase-I. Qty 12 (Twelve)
  • Phase-II. Qty 200 (approx.)

Also, the repaired and refurbished missiles should have a shelf life of minimum eight years from the date of completion of refurbishment.

The repaired, refurbished and life extended missiles should be granted with a warranty of 24 months from the date of completion of refurbishment.

As for the delivery schedule, the Phase-I of sample refurbishment and trials should preferably be completed within 18 months from date of signing contract and series production should start within 24 months from the date of signing the contract.

The last date of response is by 25th Jan 2024.

To know the complete details of the EoI click https://eprocure.gov.in/epublish/app?page=FrontEndTenderDetailsExternal&service=page&tnid=1043461