Safran strengthens its strategic partnership with Morocco

The Moroccan government and Safran signed a framework agreement last month outlining a mutual commitment to support and develop Morocco’s aerospace industry ecosystem.

Notably, this agreement is based on three guiding principles:

  • Development of a high-quality local supply chain, in particular by identifying local Safran suppliers and service providers and supporting the expansion of their production capacities.
  • Development of high value-added activities by strengthening research and technology activities and new engineering services.
  • Development of talent and skills by strengthening training and partnerships with engineering schools and universities.

Noteworthy, Safran has been present in Morocco for 24 years and employs over 4,200 people in eight local companies and joint ventures.

The Group leads Morocco’s aerospace sector and maintains close partnerships with local companies and the country’s government institutions and training centers.

Safran’s Moroccan facilities are at the heart of the Group’s global production network.

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