MoD issues RFI for 2500 TI based driver night sight for BMP-2/2K, Armoured Ambulance Tracked & Carrier Mortar Tracked

The Ministry of Defence, Government of India, intends to procure approximately 2500 Thermal Imager (TI)-based Driver Night Sight (DNS) for Indian Army’s BMP-2/2K, Armoured Ambulance Tracked (AAT) & Carrier Mortar Tracked (CMT); and has issued a RFI for the same.

This Request for Information (RFI) is being issued with a view to finalise SQRs, decide procurement category and identify probable Indian vendors who are capable to commence supply of TI-based DNS for BMP-2/2K, AAT & CMT within one year of Award of Contract / Supply Order @ approximately 500 TI-based DNS per year.

TI-based DNS for BMP-2/2K, AAT & CMT are planned to be procured in the spirit of ‘Make in India’ and ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’ programs.

The preferred categorisation for the project as per provisions of Chapter-II of DAP-2020 may be indicated by the vendor with due justifications.

The last date of response for this RFI is 21st January 2024.

Notably, the TI-based DNS for BMP-2/2K, AAT & CMT will be employed in under mentioned terrain conditions: –

(a) Plain and desert terrain as occurring along Western Borders of India.

(b) High Altitude (up to 5000 meters altitude) / mountainous terrain as occurring along Northern Borders (Eastern Ladakh/ Central Sector / North Sikkim) of India.

(c) Island territories of Andaman & Nicobar and Lakshadweep.2

Further, TI-based DNS for BMP-2/2K, AAT & CMT should be operational by day & night and in commonly encountered weather conditions including dust, rain & snow in the above terrains.

Also, TI-based DNS for BMP-2/2K, AAT & CMT including all subsystems should be operational in following ambient temperature conditions : –

(a) Minimum Operating Temperature. Minus 30° Celsius.

(b) Maximum Operating Temperature. Plus 55° Celsius.

(c) Relative Humidity (RH). Between 0 to 100% RH.

Following are the important technical parameters for TI-Based DNS For BMP-2/2K, AAT & CMT as envisaged in the RFI:-

  • TI-based DNS for BMP-2/2K, AAT & CMT should be configurable to be integrated on all three platforms.
  • Service Life. The shelf life of TI-based DNS should be at least 15 years. Operational life of TI-based DNS for BMP-2/2K, AAT & CMT should at least be 10,000 hours.
  • Type. The TI-based DNS for BMP-2/2K, AAT & CMT must be based on a dual feed from an uncooled TI camera and low light camera. An LCD driver display must be part of the sight for easy viewing of the area ahead of the platform. The TI-based DNS must be a form-fit sight which precludes the requirement of any modification to the hull of the platform. It should be capable to give under mentioned performance by day & night in terrain and ambient temperature conditions specified in this RFI.
  • Dimension. Maximum 300 mm (±5 mm) x 180 mm (±5 mm) x 95 mm (±5 mm). The dimensions of TI-based DNS for BMP-2/2K, AAT & CMT must in no way impinge on functionality of the driver in his operation of various sub-systems within the Driver Compartment of BMP-2/2K, AAT & CMT. Integration of the same on the BMP hull must be possible without cutting any armour/hull.
  • Weight. Gross weight of TI-based DNS for BMP-2/2K, AAT & CMT should be ≤5 kgs (±5%).
  • Ranges (for front camera only). The Detection/Recognition/Identification (DRI) ranges of the TI-based DNS for BMP-2/2K, AAT & CMT must be as given below: –

(a) Detection. Minimum 600 metres for broad-side of moving AFV.

(b) Recognition. Minimum 400 metres for broad-side of moving AFV.

(c) Identification. Minimum 200 metres for broad-side of moving AFV.

  • Rear-View Camera. Must have the capability of providing TI and low-light / day camera feed up to a distance of minimum 100 metres from the rear-side of ICV BMP-2/2K, CMT & AAT.
  • Operating Temperature Range. Minus 30° Celsius to Plus 55°Celsius.
  • Continuous Operation Time. Minimum 8 hours (continuous).
  • Power Source. Must be capable of operating with existing on-board power source of ICV BMP-2/2K, CMT & AAT (ie 02 x 12V 100Ah batteries).
  • Field of View (FOV) (Front Camera). Min 44° x 33° (±3°)
  • Modes of Operation. The TI-based DNS must be capable of functioning in the following modes:

(a) Stand-alone TI Mode.

(b) Stand-alone Low-Light / Day Camera Mode.

(c) Fusion / Hybrid Mode (fusion of TI & Low-Light Mode).

  • LCD Monitor.

(a) Monitor Size. Maximum 190 mm x 165 mm x 60 mm

(b) Monitor Screen Size. Minimum 165 (±5 mm)

(c) Resolution.

(i) Uncooled TI Camera. Minimum FPA 640 x 480, Pitch 17 Microns

(ii) Low Light Camera. Minimum FPA 1280 x 1024, Pitch 9.7 Microns

  • Polarity (TI Mode). Black & White-Hot modes.
  • Operational Life. Minimum 10,000 hours.
  • Maintainability

(a) Modular systems & sub-systems to be provided to enable quick replacements & repairs at field workshop level. Maintenance Transfer of Technology (MToT) for sustenance of TI-based DNS should be provided. Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul (MRO) philosophy should be aligned to following levels of repairs: –

(i) Unit (Organisational 1 (O1) Level. Repairs carried out in the unit holding the equipment, involving replacement of minor components / subassemblies which do not require any Special Maintenance Tools (SMTs).

(ii) Field (Organisational 2 (O2) Level. Repairs by a field workshop, involving replacement of components/ major sub-assemblies, which may require Special Maintenance Tools (SMTs) supported by diagnostics using Special Test Equipment (STEs) / Test Jigs / Built-In Test Equipment (BITE) facility.

(iii) Intermediate (I) Level. Repairs beyond the scope of field workshop which required sophisticated Special Test Equipment (STEs)/ Test Jigs for diagnostic. These include replacement/ repairs/ component level repairs of rotables / assemblies / sub-assemblies which may be Major Unit Assembly (MUA) / Modules / PCB / components.

(b) Built-in Test Equipment (BITE). Must be provided.

(c) MTBF. Minimum 2500 hours for Display Unit.

(d) MTTR. Module level replacement within one hour.

  • Warranty. Minimum two years.
  • Start-up Time.

(a) From Switching-ON to Operation Mode. Max 60 seconds.

(b) From Stand-by to Operation Mode. Max 30 seconds.

  • Quality Assurance. TI-based DNS for BMP-2/2K, AAT & CMT should be robust in construction & must comply to following: 

(a) JSS 5855-11: 2019 (First Revision), Class-LI4.

(b) MIL STD-461E for EMI/ EMC parameters.

  • IP Grading. ≥ IP-65
  • Training Aids. Following training aids should be planned to be provided (scales will be given in RFP) :-

(a) Sectionized working models, cut models and holographic training modules of TI-based DNS including its sub-assemblies.

(b) Hot mock-up of TI-based DNS to be provided.

(c) AR / VR and Computer Based training packages for honing skills to operate, maintain and repair all system and sub-systems of TI-based DNS for BMP-2/2K, AAT & CMT.

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