Adani Group to launch ammunition plant in Kanpur

The Adani Group, India’s leading private sector manufacturers of Unmanned Aerial Systems, Small Arms and Ammunition, is going ahead with the inauguration of a mega ammunition plant in Kanpur, which is anticipated to be the largest such integrated facility in south Asia.

The plant, which will initially be set up over 250 acres, is set to be inaugurated next month and will start producing small arms ammunition in the first phase.

Being set up with an initial investment of Rs 1,500 crore, the plant will first manufacture 7.62 mm and 5.56 mm bullets that are used in assault rifles and carbine.

This strategic move supports the Indian government’s efforts to create a strong domestic defence manufacturing ecosystem while also catering to a sizable prospective market on a global scale.

The Kanpur factory is expected to play a significant role in strengthening India’s defence readiness and strategic autonomy.

Although small arms ammunition will be the primary emphasis initially, the Kanpur plant is intended to serve as a platform for larger and more ambitious projects.

According to reports, the Adani Group has long-term goals to increase output to include a greater variety of munitions, possibly even missiles and artillery shells.

This steady advancement may place the Kanpur plant in the forefront of India’s potential for defence manufacturing in the future.