Indian Army marks 76th Army Day with Chief Manoj Pande’s call for ‘Year of Technology Absorption’

Marking the 76th Army Day, Chief of Army Staff General Manoj Pande extended warm wishes and paid homage to fallen soldiers.

Emphasizing the Indian Army’s pivotal role in ensuring national stability, he urged the ‘Olive Green’ fraternity to remain steadfast in countering security threats.

In a significant announcement, General Pande declared 2024 as the ‘Year of Technology Absorption.’

This theme underscores the Army’s strategic focus on embracing technology for transformative change.

He highlighted the evolving nature of warfare, noting the progress made in the holistic transformation initiated the previous year.

The commitment to Atmanirbharta and the ongoing transition towards a modern, agile, and technology-enabled force form key elements of the Army’s Transformation Roadmap.

In his address to the troops, General Manoj Pandey paid homage to soldiers who laid down their lives in service to the nation.

“On the occasion of Army Day 2024, I convey my felicitations and warm wishes to all ranks of the Indian Army, civilian employees, Veterans and their families.

We solemnly remember and pay homage to our comrades who have laid down their lives in service of the nation.

Their supreme sacrifice shall always inspire us,” he said.

“The Indian Army has a vital role to play in ensuring a stable and secure environment so that the nation’s progress continues unabated.

Our resolve towards that must remain robust and grow stronger with each passing day.

I urge each member of the ‘Olive Green’ fraternity to continue with an unwavering commitment to counter security threats to the nation,” he added.

Addressing the Army’s responsibility to veterans and their families, General Pande stressed the sacred commitment to welfare initiatives.

He expressed confidence in the Army’s enduring dedication, stating, “I am sanguine that we shall forever remain steadfast in our resolve to uphold the trust reposed in us, by the nation.”

The 76th Indian Army Day, celebrated on January 15, witnessed a departure from tradition, with Lucknow hosting its inaugural parade instead of Delhi Cantonment.

This decentralization aligns with the Centre’s decision to shift major events across the country.

Reflecting on the historical significance of Army Day, it commemorates General KM Cariappa assuming command in 1949, marking the transition to the first Indian Commander-in-Chief of Independent India.

“The character of warfare continues to change.

To prepare ourselves for the future, we set into motion a holistic transformation process last year.

We have made good progress and many milestones have been achieved.

Our capability development endeavours stand on the edifice of Atmanirbharta, to which we are firmly committed.

The transition towards becoming a modern, agile, adaptive and technology-enabled future-ready force shall continue as part of the Transformation Roadmap,” General Manoj Pande said.

He further added that the Army’s responsibility towards the veterans, Veer Naris and their families, remains a sacred commitment, adding, “Endeavours to augment welfare initiatives, proactively reach out to them and address their grievances must remain a focus area for commanders at all levels.”

“The Indian Army enjoys a distinct stature in the national mind space. I am sanguine that we shall forever remain steadfast in our resolve to uphold the trust reposed in us, by the nation.

Let us re-dedicate ourselves to the service of the nation, in the true spirit of our core ethos of `Naam’, `Namak’ our Nishaan’. `Jai Hind’,” he added.