Strength Of Women in Indian Defence Forces

A number of steps taken by the Indian Government & the three Defence Services to encourage women to join Indian Defence Forces are given below:

(1)       Permanent Commission to Women Officers (WOs)

  • Permanent Commission (PC) is being granted to Women Officers in 12 Arms & Services (in addition to Army Medical Corps, Army Dental Corps and Military Nursing Service) where they are commissioned.
  • Women Officers are being appointed onboard warships in afloat billets and also as Special Naval Air Operation (NAO) officers in the Indian Navy.
  • The experimental scheme to induct Women Officers in all combat roles, initiated by the IAF in 2015 was regularized in the year 2022 into a permanent scheme.

(2)       Women Cadets in National Defence Academy (NDA)                       

Armed Forces have opened entry for women candidates in National Defence Academy (NDA). The First, Second, Third and Fourth batch of women cadets started training in NDA with effect from July 2022, January 2023, July 2023 and January 2024, respectively. The organisation is ensuring inclusive measures to carry out all necessary administrative, training and policy changes to enable the same.

(3)       Command Appointments

Women Officers are being considered for Colonel (Select Grade) ranks and are being given Command appointments. Certain waivers have also been given to rule out any impediment in career progression of those who could not undergo mandatory career courses during the transition period.

(4)       Entry of women as Agniveers has also commenced in all the three Services