India’s Chief of Defence Staff calls on private industry to enhance defence space capabilities

Highlighting the importance of fortifying India’s defence space capabilities amidst China’s advancements in anti-satellite weaponry, Chief of Defence Staff General Anil Chauhan emphasized the necessity for concerted efforts from all stakeholders.

Speaking at the ‘DefSat’ seminar and exhibition, General Chauhan stressed the need for private industry involvement and outlined significant initiatives to bolster the country’s defence space ecosystem.

Bolstering Defence Space Capabilities

General Chauhan underscored the imperative for Indian armed forces to invest over 25,000 crore in the coming years to enhance defence space capabilities.

This investment aims to address diverse requirements, including the establishment of surveillance satellite constellations and secure communication networks. Emphasizing the opportune moment for priva ..

Partnerships and Initiatives

Encouraging collaboration between the industry and armed forces, General Chauhan advocated for the augmentation of intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) capabilities.

Further, he highlighted the importance of developing multi-sensor satellites, launch-on-demand services, and ground station networks.

Additionally, he emphasized the necessity of bolstering indigenous positioning, navigation, and timing (PNT) services, particularly by strengthening the NAVIC constellation.

Countering Space Threats

Recognizing the evolving landscape of space warfare, General Chauhan stressed the significance of counter-space capabilities to safeguard India’s space assets.

Amid China’s advancements in anti-satellite weaponry, including kinetic and non-kinetic systems, the need for defensive and offensive capabilities in the space domain becomes paramount.

Government Support and Growth Projections

Besides, General Chauhan outlined the government’s initiatives to foster indigenous space capabilities, including support for start-ups and investment incentives.

With the space economy projected to reach $44 billion by 2033, the government’s interventions, such as the seed fund scheme and GST exemptions, aim to bolster the private industry’s contribution to the sector.

As India navigates the complexities of space security, General Chauhan’s call for collaborative efforts echoes the imperative for a unified approach towards enhancing defence space capabilities.

With a robust defence space ecosystem and strategic partnerships, India aims to fortify its position in the ever-evolving realm of space warfare.

By adhering to General Chauhan’s vision and leveraging government support, stakeholders can collectively contribute to India’s journey towards self-reliance and resilience in the defence space arena.