Collins Aerospace to provide Air India with avionics hardware

Collins Aerospace, an RTX business, has been selected by Air India for a full suite of avionics hardware catering to the airline’s expanding Boeing 737 MAX fleet.

The comprehensive package includes communication, navigation, surveillance equipment and air data sensors, designed to enhance safety, fuel efficiency and operational performance of Air India’s fleet.

Notably, Collins’ suite of advanced avionics will work in harmony to improve operations through every phase of flight on Air India’s MAX aircraft.

Multi-mode receivers enable precision satellite and ground-based navigation, facilitating high position accuracy, improved integrity and future upgrades through a simple software update.

Collins’ radio altimeters provide accurate digital height measurements during crucial approach, landing and climb-out phases, while actively filtering and mitigating any potential 5G cellular interference.

Air India will also receive Collins’ MultiScan ThreatTrack™ weather radar, which predicts adverse weather conditions and actively displays and analyzes cells – providing real-time route adjustments, reducing long deviations and delays, and ensuring passengers enjoy a smoother journey.