Elbit Systems Launches a New State-of-the-Art UAS

Israel based Elbit Systems unveiled its latest addition to its market leading Hermes family. This Next Generation (Unmanned Aerial System) UAS boasts outstanding endurance, versatility, and cost-effective performance across land, air and sea operations.

Key Benefits and Features:

  • Autonomous Operation
  • Unique Wide Flight Envelope
  • High Payload Capacity
  • Minimum Life Cycle Cost (LCC)
  • Exceptional Safety, Survivability, and Immunity Standards
  • Increased Range (BLOS), Flight Speed and Efficiency
  • NATO STANAG 4671 compliant

Introducing the Hermes™ 650 Spark:

Elbit Systems is proud to introduce the Hermes™ 650 Spark, a tactical UAS designed to meet the evolving challenges of the aerospace and defense industries.

As the latest addition to the highly acclaimed Hermes family, the Hermes™ 650 Spark expands the operational flight envelope with next-generation multi-mission capability, versatility, and survivability.

The tactical UAS with Medium Altitude Long Endurance (MALE) capabilities delivers exceptional payload capacity with increased range, flight speed, endurance, and operational efficiency.

This next-generation, autonomous, and digital UAS is designed to meet diverse operational needs across Air, Land, Sea, Homeland Security (HLS), and civilian applications.

With its high payload capacity facilitated by exceptional large payload bays, the Hermes 650TM Spark allows for multi-payload configurations without compromising flight endurance.

The comprehensive design considerations focus on minimizing the Life Cycle Cost (LCC), ensuring cost-effective mission performance.

Further, the UAS upholds the highest standards of safety, survivability, and immunity, complemented by modern, autonomous, and predictive maintenance practices, ultimately contributing to a low Life Cycle Cost.

The Hermes™ 650 Spark tactical UAS stands out for its exceptional operational capabilities. Engineered for versatility and reliability, it excels in medium altitude long endurance aerial missions, thanks to features like automatic takeoff and landing (ATOL) and auto-taxi capability from short runways.

With a remarkable useful load of 260kg, the UAS boasts eight modular storage stations, accommodating large payload bays in the fuselage and six hard points on the wings.

This allows it to carry payloads up to 120kg on full fuel capacity without compromising flight endurance.

The system’s multi-payload capability integrates high-quality electro-optics (EO), radar, SIGINT, and other advanced functionalities simultaneously.

It has the ability to execute long missions within SATCOM range and has an extended endurance lasting up to 24 hours.

Source: https://elbitsystems.com/pr-new/hermes-650-spark-unveiled-elbit-systems-launches-a-new-state-of-the-art-uas/?pageid=PR%20-20%20News