Iran launches Pars I remote sensing and imaging satellite into Orbit from Russia

Iran has successfully launched the Pars-I remote sensing and imaging satellite into orbit from Russia, as reported by state media.

The live broadcast of the launch, facilitated by the Russian Soyuz2.1b launcher, was aired on Iranian state television.

The official IRNA news agency disclosed that the satellite took off from Russia’s Vostochny launch base, located approximately 8,000 kilometers (5,000 miles) east of Moscow.

Issa Zareppur, Iran’s telecommunications minister, emphasized that “Pars-I” was fully domestically developed within Iran.

He highlighted that Iran has executed a total of twelve satellite launches in the past two years.

Iran had previously announced the simultaneous launch of three satellites into orbit in January, closely following the deployment of a research satellite by its Revolutionary Guards.

Despite western countries cautioning against such launches due to concerns about dual-use technology for ballistic missiles, Iran asserted that its satellite and rocket programs are solely for civil and defense purposes.

In August 2022, Russia had controversially launched Iran’s remotesensing Khayyam satellite into orbit from Kazakhstan.

This move sparked debates over potential increased surveillance capabilities for military targets, particularly in the context of Russia’s conflict in Ukraine.

Moscow has been actively cultivating alliances with nations such as Iran, which has faced accusations of providing armed drones to support Moscow’s offensive in Ukraine.

The United States, in response to Iran’s alleged backing of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, has announced plans to impose new sanctions on Tehran this month.

However, Tehran has consistently denied these allegations.