Saab signs major contract for Carl-Gustaf with Poland

Sweden based Saab has signed a contract with the Polish Ministry of Defence’s procurement authority for delivery of the Carl-Gustaf M4 weapon, ammunition and training equipment.

The order value corresponds to SEK 12.9 billion and the contract period is 2024-2027.

The order is expected to be booked by Saab before the end of Q2 2024, while the contract is expected to be effective by the end of Q2 2024, subject to the fulfilment of certain external conditions.

About Carl-Gustaf 

Saab’s Carl-Gustaf recoilless rifle is a man-portable, multi-role weapon system with a wide range of ammunition types, making it suitable for a variety of tasks.

It allows dismounted soldiers to effectively deal with multiple challenges on the modern battlefield.

Adaptable and flexible, the system is constantly evolving to satisfy future user and market needs.

Key features

  • Lightweight, robust, reliable, effective and easy to use
  • Tactical flexibility through a wide range of ammunition
  • Combat proven system
Technical specifications   
Weight ~ 7 kg
Length < 1 m
Sights Open sight, red dot sight, telescopic sight and advanced fire control device
Ammunition Anti-armour, anti-structure, anti-personnel, support