Kongsberg Digital, Royston Partner to Deliver Integrated Solution with Electronic Fuel Management System

Kongsberg Digital and Royston have entered into a partnership to Deliver Integrated Solution with Electronic Fuel Management System.

The partnership will enable ship owners to optimise fuel consumption, enhance transparency, and promote decarbonisation of vessel operations by combining Kongsberg Digital’s Vessel Insight with enginei – Royston’s Electronic Fuel Management System.

Nteworthy, Royston, with over 40 years of experience in marine engineering, has established itself as a trusted service provider to blue-chip customers across various market sectors.

With a global presence, enginei is used in more than 300 vessels worldwide.

This modular and solution-oriented fuel management product incorporates advanced tools to provide valuable insights to ship crew and onshore operational staff.

To be noted that enginei offers reliable data and dynamic reports, which are recorded and visually represented on a touchscreen bridge display and online dashboard.

By reducing fuel consumption, enginei helps improve the carbon footprint and enhances the bottom line, enabling clients to remain competitive, compliant, and cost-efficient.

The combined solution of Vessel Insight, Kongsberg Digital’s vessel-to-cloud infrastructure, and enginei exemplifies the power of industry collaboration.

The combined solution allows customers to maximise their investment in fuel sensors by extending their use across the full range of Vessel Insight’s applications.

As regulations and industry demand more accurate fuel consumption data, our combined solution delivers a reliable and centralised source of important information, fulfilling reporting needs and enabling data-driven decision-making.

Source: https://www.kongsbergdigital.com/resources/kongsberg-digital-and-royston-partner-to-deliver-integrated-solution