Indian Army to deploy 6 Boeing Apache helicopters in Jodhpur along Pakistan border

India is set to bolster its defense capabilities along the Pakistan border in western Rajasthan with the deployment of six Apache helicopters from American aircraft company Boeing.

These fighter helicopters will be part of a new squadron in the Army Aviation Corp.

Noteworthy, Boeing had previously delivered 22 Apache helicopters of the AH-64E model to the Indian Air Force in 2020, making India one of several nations operating this advanced combat helicopter.

Equipped with a high-quality night vision system, the Apache helicopters can be armed with missiles capable of striking 138 targets in a minute, making it a formidable asset.

It is to be noted that the IAF currently operates 22 AH-64Es.

While, the Army Aviation Corps ordered a total of six AH-64Es.

Acquiring these means bolstering the capabilities of Indian air power, joining other nations such as the Netherlands, Egypt, Greece, Israel, South Korea, and several others that operate the aircraft.

The new squadron, which were inducted on March 15, will be based in Jodhpur and will play a crucial role in guarding against potential incursions by the Pakistani military.

The Apache AH-64E is recognized as the world’s most advanced combat helicopter, featuring an advanced night vision system and the capability to arm missiles that can strike 138 targets in a minute.

With a maximum speed of 280 km/h, this helicopter is a formidable force in the sky.

Further, equipped with AGM 114 Hellfire anti-tank missiles and Stinger missiles, the Apache AH-64E is prepared to handle both ground and aerial threats.

The Hellfire missiles are particularly effective against armored vehicles like tanks and BMPs, while the Stinger missiles are designed to neutralize airborne threats.

Additionally, the Apache helicopter is armed with Hydra-70 unguided missiles, which can effectively target ground-based threats.